What’s missing from this photo?

The rabbit.  For those of you that are not familiar with dog racing, they often send out a fake rabbit that is connected to the rail of the track and the dogs chase after it.  The goal being, catch the rabbit.  My training team has recently implemented this with me.  They start wods earlier than me and I have to chase them down to win.

If you’ve never implemented something this before, try it.  It sound silly, but it’s actually quite fun.  At least for me, I’m not sure about ‘the rabbits’ you’d have to ask them. 

I find myself focusing on the next rep and catching up, not the fact that I’m tired or the weight is heavy. It’s good physical and mental training.

Thanks to Patrick Flannery, Jillian Neimister and Wayne Hall for being my ‘rabbit’ and letting me chase you. 

Today’s WOD: REST! A little happy dance, but mostly rest.

Oh, and if you haven’t hear, I’m leaving corporate America to try my hand at entrepreneurship.  Follow my journey at http://livingoutsidethenorm.com