Fight Gone Worse

That would describe today’s WOD.  We found out Wednesday we were going toe to toe with Fight Gone Bad today.  That gave me 3 days to put together my game plan.  3 days to focus on my 350.  3 days that were quickly thrown out the window when I found out I’d be performing the Fight Gone Bad in a 15lb vest. WHAT!?!?!?!

That’s right…..with a vest.  I HIGHLY underestimated ‘Drac’ (my weight vest).  I knew it would make it more challenging, but its only 15lbs, how bad could it be?  The first round went smoothly.  I had my game plan and I stuck to it, leaving me about 15 seconds of rest each round.  First round went right as planned, 103.  I head into the second round with a good pace until I hit the summo dead high pulls.  OMG!!!  I do my best to focus one rep at time as I head into the box jumps.  I try to breath but the vest is weighing on me and making it a challenge to really get some good deep breaths.

I keep moving , but I can tell I’m way off the original game plan. The rest quickly becomes the worst part.  At least when you’re working your not thinking about how much it hurts.  In that minute of rest the pain sets in and all I can think is OUCH…OUCH…OUCH.  And I still have a whole round left.

The best part of the third round is that it’s the last round and you know that pain is almost over.  I tackle it one rep at time.  A few reps into the sdhp’s I begin wondering how I’m going to survive. Somehow I manage to finish and all at once the pain sets in.  I couldn’t get ‘Drac’ off fast enough.

It’s not a soreness, it’s not a breath thing, it’s an overall OUCH that is indescribable. It literally took me a good 10min to recover. I had gotten a 256, much lower that I had wanted, but that’s what happens when you underestimate a wod.

Today’s WOD: Fight Gone Bad
Wall balls
Sdhp (55lbs)
Box jump
Pushpress  (55lbs)Row
While wearing a 15lb vest