A little blind faith

So as the countdown to the 2010 CrossFit Games quickly approaches, every work out becomes more crucial than the last.   Each day I work on getting my mental game ready for the world stage.  I think when you reach that level the mental and emotional strength is going to win out every time.

I have been CrossFitting for 3 years now, and I heard an interview last week that has stuck with me.  (i wish i could have remembered who said it) But the quote was something along the lines of;

“You have to have faith that your training was enough”

What a great quote.  By the time of the games I will have spent 8 months of my life focusing on one thing, make it to the games.  Every drop of sweat, every slice of cake passed up, every extra rep, every everything will have led to that one moment.  And i’m going to have blind faith that my training was enough.  When you’re body is screaming for a break, when your emotions are tearing at you, you have to have faith that you prepared for this, and that your body wont give out.

I put this theory to test in today’s WOD which was: 500m run, 50 2count flutter kicks, 18 deadlifts at bodyweight (135) for 4 rounds

Now normally I would worry about pacing myself and making sure I had enough to get me through.  Today I took the blind faith approach, and gave every round all I had.  I got the entire wod completely unbroken til the 14th rep of the last deadlifts.  I think the excitment of almost being done got the best of me, but I quickly recovered and finished the wod.  The crazy part was that I discovered something new today.  I can push through my pain and survive.  I didn’t get injured.  I didn’t gas out.  It’s amazing what a little blind faith can do.

2 thoughts on “A little blind faith

  1. That quote is so true. I have had to remind myself and friends about this when we toe the start line of a triathlon…especially an Ironman. Is my training enough to complete the 140.6 miles. Too late now….it’s all mental at this point.

    Faith is so hard to come by.

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