Bad hair days are a good thing

I can tell how well I slept based on the rooster due I wake up with in the morning….I know, it’s a scary site, but the worse the hair the better the sleep.

So often in CrossFit we talk about 3 on 1 off, intensity, going heavy, eating right, but what about sleep?  Why does sleep get no respect?

In my opinion, a good sleeping cycle is critically important to my success.  I require a good 8-8.5 hours a night to fully recover and maintain my intensity. Getting adequate sleep allows me to both physically repair and mentally recover.   What happens when we sleep?  More than we think.

During sleep our cells are repairing all the damage we’ve done during a hard wod through the release of testosterone, melatonin and growth hormones.  These chemicals are released when we reach a deep REM sleep.  Light cat napping wont allow you to reach this deep level of sleep.

Getting adequate sleep also improves our immune system and our ability to mentally and emotionally focus and deal with the stresses of everyday life.  The trick is to get your body into a routine.  Getting 3 hours of sleep one night and 10 the next will not allow adequate recovery.  You want to shoot to get 8-9 a night to optimize the recovery process.

I apply the black box theory here; I know that when I sleep my body repairs and fixes itself.  Do I completely understand what’s happening….hell no, but I know good sleep=better Kate so I do it.

Today’s WOD: 1rpm back squat








1-225lbs-FAIL….luckily my coach Russell was their to catch the bar as I rolled out.

At the end of the day that’s a 15lbs PR! I’ll take it