Imagine How I Feel

I got tagged on facebook in a post featuring this video:2010 CrossFit Games

So you’re totally jacked now after watching that video….I know you are.  You’re heart is racing, you feel inspired to drop what you’re doing and move heavy things far distances.  I know you do….

Imagine how I feel.  I’m going to be there….competing…in front of the entire world, ok, just the CrossFit world, but you get the idea.  In a short 6 weeks I’ll be on a plane to sunny CA for the toughest challenge I’ll ever face.  Compete against the 50 fittest women in the world, oh, and don’t die. ha!

It’s finally becoming real.  This is no longer just another day.  Everyday is one more day closer to THE DAY!  Everyday is one more day of preparation.  Everyday is one more chance to challenge yourself.  Everyday is one more day closer to the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Oh, and it is official….my names on the roster. ha! Qualified athletes

One thought on “Imagine How I Feel

  1. Yes, seeing my name on that roster definitely made things a little more real! And couldn’t agree more with the “try not to die” part ha!

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