I got ‘kidnapped’, and it was AWESOME!

Ok….so I wasn’t grabbed off the street, blind folded and thrown in the trunk, but it was pretty close. Ha!

So after pissing and moaning my way through a wod last Thursday, my coach and I decided it was time for a break.  I had been pushing hard and heavy since January when I decided to compete, and it’s now June.  What better way to relax than to take a rest day and join them on their boat.   Done and doner…..

A few fellow crossfitters joined us for what I thought was going to be a day trip to Kelly’s Island.  Boy was I wrong.  As we’re shoving off of the dock I’m informed that I wont get punished for having a few adult beverages. I instantly drop the ‘REALLY!?!?!”  To that point I have a whopping 3 beers since January.  I decided to pass for now, but I liked that I have the option.

30 minutes later we dock at Kelly’s Island and head to the dock bar for some live tunes, sun, and Long Island Ice Tea’s.  Man did I feel guilty that first one, but I soon got over it.  I was stress free.  The crew I’m with is ready to let loose, and I was the only contingent holding up the party.  Had I wanted to go home at 7pm as originally planned the party wouldn’t happen and we’d head back.  But after that first long island I was feeling pretty care-free so the decision is made to stay over night.

We wont get into specifics but I’ll say this, yes I drank, yes I ate cheese, no I didn’t get 8 hours of sleep and guess what….the world didn’t stop spinning.

Getting ‘kidnapped’ was exactly what I needed.  For 7 months now everything has been so focused around eating right, sleeping enough, training hard and on and on and on.  I had lost my grasp with reality.

Yes it’s bad as* that I’m going to the games, but is it earth shattering? NO

Yes there’s going to be tough competition, should I be intimidated? HELL NO

Yes I’m preparing as best as I can and am I ready?  HELL YES

I just needed someone (aka my coach) to slap me and remind me to breath every once in a while.

Today’s WOD: FRAN


Thrusters (65lb)


3:47, a 7 second PR

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  1. You deserve a good time, hell I’m surprised you waited till now. I thought you might tie a good one on after Qualifing to go to the big dance, Good Luck Kate!

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