Effing weaknesses

Many crossfitters want to know how to become a better a crossfitter, and a common answer is work your weaknesses, but this can be a slippery slop.  If you focus a majority of your time on weaknesses you can crash and burn because you’re always failing or at least struggling.  This can be very mentally defeating if you do it day after day leading to resentment towards crossfit, woding and total burnout.  Which we all know is NOT OK!

So how do you work your weaknesses without burning out?  A couple of ways.

The first way is to work weaknesses once or twice a week and doing things you’re good at the rest of the time.  This will allow you to feel good about yourself as a crossfitter.

The second way is to pair a weakness with a strength.  I personally like this.  You can create a magnitude of couplets that have a strength and a weakness.  This allows you to mentally struggle through the weakness because you know you’ll get to do something you like afterwards.

It’s important to work your weaknesses to improve as a crossfitter, but don’t obsess over them or you’ll drive yourself mad.

Today’s WOD: Play day….what does that mean?  That means that today we’re thinking outside of the box of all the crazy sh*t they may throw at me at the games and doing them.  This is going to be a BLAST!  Nothing like truly just playing and having fun with fitness.

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