Those are obscene

Obscene; the word my mother used to describe my new Rogue competition shorts. Why? Probably because there isn’t much to them and my tush does peak out. Not anymore than a swim suit, but yes, there’s flesh. ha! One of the most talked about parts of the CrossFit games is the women’s tiny shorts.

In 2008 it was Libby DiBiase that set the ton for short shorts at the games

In 2009 it was Lauren Plumley taking the title for shortest shorts.

So why are the shorts so tiny?
1. Less fabric=less mess during a wod
2. It’s efing hot when you wod
3. I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at, why not show it a little. I know that sounds vain, but its true.

And if I had to be completely honest, which I try to be, it’s fun to know you can wear short shorts and look pretty ok.

So what do the Rogue shorts look like? I guess you’ll just have to wait 16 days to find out.

Today’s WOD: Death by Squat Clean at 100lb x2

Then a 5-1 ladder of Squat Clean Thursters (85lbs) and HSPU’s

4 thoughts on “Those are obscene

  1. That’s always the way I dress for a workout. I come from Houston. If you’re going to do crossfit at 5pm in 100% humidity and +100 degree weather, “cute” goes out the window. The only thing I think of when I get ready to workout is, “How little can I wear without being in a bra and panties”. If I happen to match afterwards then that’s just a bonus.

  2. They look awesome…dammit I want a pair!

    Actually my latest is the nike shorts with the little skirt over the top…fun to work out in, and you dont flash anything LOL

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