Take Out The Trash

I recently watched the ‘Peaceful Warrior’ and couldn’t be happier that I did.  So the readers digest review…gymnast is getting ready for the olympic trials, gymnast gets in car accident and shatters his leg, gymnast befriends an old man that teaches him about life, happiness and living in the moment.

It’s not about where I was, or how I did.  It’s not about what I could do or can’t do, it’s about living in the moment and taking it one rep one second at a time.  Amazing things can happen when you take out the trash. I used it at Regional’s and hope to continue into The Games.

Oh, and we all know books are better than the movies so I picked that up today. ha!

2 thoughts on “Take Out The Trash

  1. One of my favorite books, Kate!

    Where are you? Here.
    What time is it? Now.
    What are you? This moment.

    Dan Millman has a slew of good books for you to read. Very good preparation for the Games.

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