It’s more mental than you think

So here I sit just two days before the crossfit games kick off realizing that I’ve spent 8 months focusing on getting bigger, stronger, faster, but what about smarter?  I’ve spent soooo much time focused on getting physically better that I’ve let my mental game slip.  So today’s project, work on the mental game.  I picked up two impactful books on mental control and visualization.

When you reach the elite level what is going to separate the good from the great?  In my opinion, the mental game.  Who is going to be emotionally and mentally tough enough to survive the grueling days ahead?  Yes, it’s nice to know that you’re stronger than your competitors but we’ve all seen upsets before.  What lead to those upsets?  Heart, drive, determination, love of the game, calm play etc.

I feel like I’m in a good place mentally.  In the time I had I did everything I could to be prepared.  I ate right, pushed hard and worked on recovery.  The prep ration is done, now its time to deliver and it will be enough or it wont, but it will be my all.

2 thoughts on “It’s more mental than you think

  1. Was thinking about you yesterday when I was talking to Margaret about keeping mental focus strong. Good post and good books. You’re in a good space…mentally.

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