Eye of the storm

I’m officially in the eye of the storm.  It’s quite, calm and even relaxing, but I know that it’s temporary and that the storm is coming.  I have taken some time away from crossfit and toured CA to keep my mind off the big event. This morning I walked the grounds, saw the sights, took in the sounds and of course felt the heat.  All little things that will help keep me calm when the storm hits.

It’s eery how calm I’ve become going into The Games.  Sectionals was nerve wracking, Regionals was terrifying and yet The Games are calming.  It’s VERY strange.  I feel like I’m in denial or something.  I’m doing my best to take in each moment.  I took in the registration process.  Signing in as in individual athlete, I got here, I did it.  Then being pulled out of line to do an interview with Pat Sherwood in the stadium…NUTS!  Most of yesturday was sight seeing and staying as far away from anything crossfit as possible.

Today is much of the same.  I’m hybernating in the hotel enjoying the cool air, drinking gallon after gallon of water.  Eating paleo foods and stretching out.  Only a few more hours before I hear the first 3…2…1…GO of the weekend.  I truly feel that that will be the scariest moment of the weekend.  Getting through that first workout will be the hardest.

View it live here: http://live.crossfit.com/

One thought on “Eye of the storm

  1. You did great!
    I was so proud of you, it was like I’d known you my whole life!

    It was great to finally meet you in person. You’re even more beautiful in real life!


    Keep up the good work, Kate. Woot! Woot!

    Here’s to another exciting day tomorrow.

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