Dreams do come true

If you asked me a year ago what my dream wod would be, not the events, but the people, i would have listed the names of the women around me in today’s first wod. (photo below)

For years I have watched videos, read articles and listen to radio shows about the women to my right and left.  And there I was a peaon from an unknown gym in an unknown town. wow!  And the best part was, I held my own.  I didn’t blow it out of the water, but I wasn’t left in the dust.  I had proven to myself that I do belong here, I can hold my own, and the best part…..I know I have plenty of weaknesses to work on to get better.  I see my weaknesses not as weaknesses but as an opportunity to tap potential I haven’t used yet.

So today I accomplished something big.  I got to be on the big stage with the top athletes in the world.  Pretty cool stuff.  So ok….I dropped to 28th after the wod, and will be in the ‘baby’ heat now but I was there I did it and I lived to talk about it.

Oh and today’s wod’s: Run 1200m, 63 kb swings, 42 pullups, run 800 m, 42 kb swings, 21 pullups, run 400 m, 21 kb swings, 12 pullups immediately followed by max overhead in 90 seconds.

3 thoughts on “Dreams do come true

  1. Kate,
    I watched you.
    The commentators on the live feed commented about you often. You’re not an unknown to over 3800 friends on Facebook.
    You rocked the WOD this morning.
    I, along with everyone else watching, was yelling words of support for you.

    One at a time, we’re counting with you and sending you our best thoughts for your performance.
    We love you!

  2. Wow that sure is one fulfilling and if I were there I would have been any proud to be a part of history unfolding! I need to practice some more to stay on track.

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