You know it’s bad when….

you see muscle ups in a workout and think ‘those will save me’.

Tonight kicked off the 2010 CrossFit Games and let me tell you….it was the experience of a life time.  I realized a little tonight what I’ve done in the first athlete debreif as I looked around and realized that I knew most of the people around me.  No not personally, but because I’ve watched them thinking ‘someday’.  Today was that day.

As the announce the wod my stomach dropped.  It involved 95lb squat snatches….MY  1 REP MAX PR!  And now I was asked to do 21 of them.  And the catch…NO POWER SNATCH ALLOWED!  It had to be a true squat snatch. But the good part was they were paired with muscle ups…YES!  That’s scary, you should never see muscle ups in a wod and and think YES!

The only catch with the muscle up was you had to jump to the rings, as if muscle ups aren’t hard enough, now I have to jump to the rings.  The trick, jump for the top of the ring.  You land in the false grip that way vs jumping to the ring and trying to weasel your way into a false grip.

My goal….remain calm, focus on each rep and don’t waste any energy.  I feel AWESOME coming out of the wod, I crushed my goal.  I managed to finish all 9 and 7 of the muscle ups and snatches plus 3 muscleups.  I hit my 1 rpm max squat snatch 16 times with muscle ups in the middle landing me in a triple tie for 15th place….15th in the WORLD!  HOLY SH*T!

Tomorrow is a new day with new wods, but at least I know I’ve already done tackled the lift that scared me the most and won.

3 thoughts on “You know it’s bad when….

  1. Kate,

    HUGE Congrats. Best of luck tomorrow. Stay calm, you’re training has done you well.

    Cheering for ya from the great white north!

  2. I’m watching you online right now and am sitting here thinking I wanna be you when I grow up. Which is odd since we’re the same age, but hey you know what I mean! Great job!

  3. Kate – watching you perform this weekend was . . . . beyond words (seriously, couldn’t think of a word to put in there. . . . awsome, breathtaking, inspiring, ect – none of these quite explain what a great experience it was). You did such an amazing job, and your performance was both inspirational and motivating. I was so glad to finally get to meet you as we were leaving after the awards ceremony.

    Congratulations on a job well done 🙂

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