Part of the ‘cool kid club’

Ok, so this is soooooo cliche, but true.  I have seen inside the ‘cool kid club’ and it’s pretty awesome.  So some of the perks of being an invidual athlete is that you get to meet and spend time with other great athletes.

Being a newbie this year, it’s hard not to get a little star struck.  And to be able to have everyday conversations with some of the great is a pretty amazing experience.  In the ‘staging area’ you get to get advice on technique and strategy.  You get to see in person how the greats attack warmups.  How do they prep?  How do they cool down? etc.  Seems like a simple thing I know, but it was truly amazing to see and be a part of.

I’m still wrapping my mind around being part of the ‘cool kid club’ and not an onlooker anymore.  Wow….just wow…..

One thought on “Part of the ‘cool kid club’

  1. Wow Kate. Wow. This whole weekend was so inspiring. It was really great to meet you. Equally as great has it been to “get an inside peek” at truly great athlete in an effort to understand how you (and one) ticks. Your blog is like having an inside scoop.

    It has been extremely eye-opening for me (and I can only assume others) to understand the lengths and depths your self-discipline goes. No alcohol, excellent eating 99.9% of the time. Three on one off without excuses.

    This weekend inspired the hell out of me. Getting to meet you inspired the hell out of me.

    Keep up the good work, Kate. The best is yet to come!

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