It’s all about the dismount

As I prepared for the 2010 CrossFit Games I spent some time training the ‘crazy’ things we thought we might see.  Two of those elements were the rope wall and the cargo net.  I was soooooo disappointed Sunday morning to walk into the arena seeing the rope walls knowing I was ready for that and wouldn’t have a chance to play.

Anywho… of our members just happened to have an obstacle course in her back yard and graciously opened it up to me.  I learned the effective form to climb a rope wall and a cargo net.  The hard part of the walls is not the up, it’s the down.  Here’s a quick video of me on the wall and the cargo net. YOU HAVE TO WATCH TIL THE END….promise me, you wont be sorry.

Today’s WOD: 5k run…casual of course. Still trying to get my mind and body on board with woding again.

One thought on “It’s all about the dismount

  1. Oh my gosh Kate, what I wouldn’t give to have a climbing wall and cargo net in my back yard! That looks like so much fun, especially the dog zooming around at the end! You would have rocked those final WODs!

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