Epic fail

So yesterday I was reminded the hard way that we’re all human, not matter how super human we may feel or think we are. For those of you that don’t know, I open CrossFit Cleveland at 5am Mon-Friday, and have been doing for 7 1/2 months. If you’ve never been up at 4am to make that type of deadline…..it’s pitch black at 4am.

Well….yesterday I rolled over after sleeping like death and guess what….it was light out. F*CK!!!! I looked at the clock, sure enough it was 6:24. Again, the gym opens at 5am, or its supposed to open at 5am. I had left my morning crew out in the cold, ok, warmth being that it’s summer, but you know what I mean. I spent a good 10 min running around my house like a maniac getting ready to run out the door when I realized i wouldn’t get to the gym til 6:45 at the earliest, 6:30 is the last class. EPIC FAIL!

I spent the next 3 hours going through every emotion possible. Shame, sorrow, guilt, anger, you name it I spent some time in that emotional state. I publicly apologized to my crew and vowed it would NEVER happen again. By the afternoon I realized, I’m human, it happens. And in 7/12 months of running the morning crew I had never missed a day. In the ‘real world’ that’s a damn good track record.

But the funniest outcome of it all, my morning crew was excited to see that I too am human and flawed. Sometimes it’s hard to learn you’re human, but guess what….we all are.

4 thoughts on “Epic fail

  1. Welcome to the club!! Yes, I too, after running the 5AM Bootcamp since last September, have done it twice in 10 months… The same expletive flew past my lips as well ;)!!! Travel budget has been slashed, so don’t know when my next trip to Cleveland will be, but I’ll be sure to look you up!!

  2. Thursday was my rest day, I was all crabby in the morning because I was not going to workout. When I found it never opened I chuckled. I hate rest days!

  3. I wouldn’t call it an Epic Fail. Epic is when someone gets hurt. Epic is when something happens to change the course of history. This was an Oh Shit.
    You were just being human.
    Still love you and I don’t work out at 5 am. but if I did, I’d forgive you and be happy I didn’t have to sweat at that hour. HA!

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