Can I take a mulligan?

So I’d like to take a mulligan on yesterday’s CF Level 1 test. why?  Because I failed.  A passing score is 35, what did I get? 34  One stupid point!

For me the crazy part is that I got certified 2 years ago, have been to 7 competitions, the gymnastics, olympic lifting and kids cert oh and I just got home from the 2010 CrossFit Games I couldn’t pass the Level 1 cert test.  WHAT!?!?!

I thought I should feel embarrassed, shamed, like a big failure.  But I didn’t.  I realized that the cert is taught to the test, and I hadn’t taken the cert in 2 years.  Over time I have developed my own ‘style’ towards training, and while I embody CrossFit, I don’t use 100% perfect CrossFit talk/terms.  I’m a GREAT trainer, I just use my own style.

The good news is that I have til December 2011 to pass before I lose my level 1 certification.  What will I do next time?  I’m going to retake the level 1 cert 1) it’s been two years so it’s probably not a bad idea to refresh and relearn 2)I’ll get back into speaking CF speak and pass the test.

The point of the story…..I may get knocked down, but I’m getting back up!

Today’s WOD: REST DAY!

3 thoughts on “Can I take a mulligan?

  1. HAHAHA You failed the test! That is freaking hysterical 🙂 You are the best trainer that I could have ever asked for, I know that I could not have pushed myself this far, this FAST, had it not been for you. You do not need to pass a CF test to prove to me your way qualified to help me achieve my goals. Thank you for all that you do!

  2. Kate, I just took my first level 1 test about a month ago. I don’t mind sending you a copy of the notes and journal we had to print. You are right, the class is taught for the test. Let me know if you want me to send it!
    Still, I’m so freakin proud of you!

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