I’m sorry in advance

Those were the exact words out of my mouth as were were doing our 10 second count down before this mornings workout.  what was it?

Today’s WOD: 10-1 Squat snatches (75lbs) run 200m after each set


What makes this one a doozie…the squat part of the snatch.  I know that it is 100% my worst lift, and I plan on rectifying that by doing more of them.  I need to do them heavy, light, fast, slow, from the floor, from a hang, muscle it up, pretty much any variation I can think of to improve.  I believe that if I can get comfortable with the snatch my confidence as a crossfitter will go up tremendously.  Right now it’s a kink in my armor.

My new goal….Isabel as prescribed.  Not even a record breaking time, just to do it.  I’ve never had that many reps in a wod before at 95lbs.  The Games was my first time doing them that heavy in a wod, and I managed 16.  I’m more than half way there.  Now I just need to work on getting the remaining 14. ha!