Doing the common uncommonly well.

How does one achieve virtuosity?  By mastering the basics aka….doing skill work EVERYDAY!  It’s not enough to show up at the gym and crush a wod everyday.  You may get stronger and faster or lose weight, but you’ll never reach your true potential.

I can’t tell you how much value there is in slowing down and working the basics, or breaking a complex move into parts and mastering a section of it.  Here are a couple of examples of what I mean:

You’ll never master the over head squat if your squat is deficient

You’ll never reach your full potential on the clean and jerk if you don’t complete the pull

You’ll probably tear the hell out of shoulder doing a monster kip and ‘throwing your head through the window’ if you don’t have  a solid transition in a muscle up

So what do I not only suggest, but do…..skill work EVERYDAY.  It may be a different skill, but I’m working something everyday in the warmup or the cool down. What kind of drills do I do; Burgner Warmup & skill transfer, Tuckers muscle up transition, wall squats, hang cleans both power and squat, barbell complexes, kip swings, turkish get ups…..and on and on and on….

The list of skills you can work on are limitless, and they don’t have to be complex or time consuming, but they are critical to really reaching your true potential.

Today’s WOD: REST