Fight Gone Pele

As many of you know I recently started with a local high school team, and boy o boy is it fun.  Today I played with the fight gone bad model and made it soccer style.  If you don’t know who ‘Pele” is, he’s only one of the greatest soccer players of all time hence the play on words in calling today’s wod a ‘Fight Gone Pele’

The did 5 stations for 1 min each for 5 min, 1 min rest, 3 rounds.

Station 1: Lateral ball jumps- I lined up 3 balls and had them jump over the middle ball.  This required them to actually jump over the ball and not around the back.

Station 2: Burpees – I had pushups, but their coach has already had them do 50 today, so I compromised.

Station 3: 1 leg jumps – I had them jump and land on one leg to help them work on their balance and hip power.

Station 4: Toe touches – I had them alternate feet and tap the top of the ball with their foot.

Station 5: Flutter kicks – Soccer requires a ton of core strength and this seemed like a nasty way to have them work on that.

I give a TON of credit to their coaches because they listen really well, and seem to ‘enjoy’ the workouts.  As much as you can enjoy a wod. ha!