Where’s the fire?

Something that I’ve been struggling with since returning from The 2010 CrossFit Games is finding the ‘fire’ again.  Something crazy happens when you reach that level.  You spend sooooo much time driving towards one event, one weekend and when it’s all over….what do you do?

I took rest.  For two weeks I made a deal that I wouldn’t touch a weight for two weeks and I did just that.  After two weeks I was itching to get back after it.  I knew I wouldn’t hit full stride again day one, but it’s been two weeks and still I struggle.  I’m not putting up bad times or being lazy, I just don’t feel the same fire that I had pre games.

My theory….I started training for the games in January, and I never had any real intention of making it. Not that I didn’t want to or that I thought I wasn’t good enough to, just that I don’t think of myself as being at that level.  So mentally I reached and achieved a long term pipe dream much sooner than I had ever imagined leaving me struggling to really push myself.  why?  Because I’m still trying to take it all in.

I’m not ready to start pushing towards 2011, I’m still taking in 2010.

Today’s WOD: REST!

4 thoughts on “Where’s the fire?

  1. Well, there is something admirable about the fact that you are still hitting your workouts even without the “fire”. That’s one of the reasons you were at the games while most Crossfitters were watching at home.

    I mean, we can all bring the thunder when we are motivated. It’s those punch-the-clock workouts that get us into trouble.

  2. Just go with what your heart tells you and don’t beat yourself up for lack of spark. I was a high level pro golfer for 10 years and I spent too much time feeling guilt for not going 100% in spite of not feeling up to it. When the competition is that far away it is difficult to have the focus and determination to be all in for that long. In fact, I don’t really think it is possible or even healthy.

    When you are ready to go hard again you will know. Your heart will not let you fall short.

  3. Kate, not only normal and OK, but probably a good thing. You can’t, and shouldn’t even try to train at that intensity all year long. As we’re seeing recently CF has started to develop a “season” like most traditional sports have. You can’t peak all the time…you need to train up to that, do it, then rest and build it all back up again….slowly. It’s just like your normal 3-1 cycle….only on a much bigger scale. If you blow that up to an entire year, that’s a quarter of the year off. Not off per se though, but probably a reduced intensity and doing things OTHER than CrossFit. Blasphemy I know, but constantly varied, and continuously learn and play new sports is part of the original CF mantra. Do something else for a month or two, dial back the intensity and don’t even try to find the fire….it’s not there because you USED it. You need to let it cool down, so you can clean the fire pit, stoke the fuel then get it lit again.

  4. I can absolutely sympathize! I am so burned out on running. I’m doing a 20 week training program for my race, and I can’t wait for it to be over. It seems like it’s forever long. The buildup is killing me. Plus, I did 2 races in 2008 and 3 in the fall of 2009. I need a break. And, I want to be able to CrossFit more, and I can’t with all the long runs on my schedule. Help! I think I’ll come in to the gym Friday for a little pep talk!

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