To go heavy or go home?

To go heavy of course…..

So one thing I learned at The Games is that I need to do a TON more heavy work.  If there is one area that I lack it’s my comfort with heavy weights.  Notice I said comfort and not ability.  I’m pretty damned strong, but on a daily basis I don’t push it.  I stay at moderate weight that I know will be a struggle but I can handle.

Today I threw that out the window.  I stole a wod from a heavy metcon pdf I found online and cut two rounds off so that I could go heavy.  What’s heavy?  Body weight squat cleans for me is pretty damn heavy in a wod.

If I want to stand a chance of ‘staying in the game’ so to speak I’ve gotta continue to push the envelope and for me that means I need to move HEAVY OR GO HOME!

Today’s WOD: 5 Squat Cleans (135lbs), 25 pushups (games release) 3 rounds for time- 4:59

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