Looking for heavy metcons?

So i posted yesterday that I found a pdf document of heavy metcons, and that brought on an onslaught of requests for said document so….by popular demand here it is:
Short Heavy Metcon

Also, someone asked what my daily training looks like.

Right now I’m working my first round of the Wendler 5 3 1, I combine it with short metcons. And when I say short I mean 10 min or less. The last two days have actually been under 8.  Adding strength to your routine is great, but you also have to be careful you don’t push too hard.  If I’m maxing my body on an almost daily basis, running through long metcons would probably kill me….literally.

So take today as an example, I started with deadlifts.  I’m on week three so I did 5 reps at 75%, 3 reps at 85%, and only 1 at 95% of my 1rpm.  I then did a quick metcon of 15-12-9 Chest to bar pullups and 55lb kb swings to games standard taking me 5:13

And let me tell you one thing….chest to bar pullups are a sh*t ton harder than I remember them.

3 thoughts on “Looking for heavy metcons?

  1. Hey Kate

    Quick question, if you are working with wendlers method why only 1 rep at your 95%? you’re suppose to got >1 at the last round, don’t you ? that’s how i got it, while i was on it.
    also i worked with a great excel spreadsheet i found, i can mail it to you if you’d like.

  2. Well you can’t get better triceps and biceps than those metcon. I sure could wonder how much they weigh and what it would be like holding onto them for too long.

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