Do You!

I’m constantly striving to continue learning and bettering myself.  I recently finished Do You! by Russell Simmons, and let me tell you, it’s a must read.  While he’s not telling you anything you don’t already know, but the way he puts it is soooo straight forward. What’s his biggest point….. DO YOU!

What does that mean?  That means you need to be honest, admit your faults and follow your passion.  If you fight for your passion you’ll live a truly fulfilled and gratifying life.  Much like the post I wrote yesterday, I’m working on bettering myself and I’m sure the rest will follow.

I’ve seen this with my blog and facebook page.  I’ve been my best to share the ups and downs of my life in an honest way, and people have responded to my authenticity.

I’ve also seen that with the opening of Coca CrossFit.  I have people all over offering to help in anyway they can, even if it’s as simple as cheering me on in my crazy adventure.  I feel  blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people.  I only hope that I can be the best me I can be as I turn my dream into a reality.

Today’s WOD: 15 box jumps (20inch), 15 KTE’s, 15 KB Swing (36lbs) 15:33 all to games standards

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