Work with what you got

Today I broke in Coca CrossFit with a shortened version of ‘Jason’.  I may not have fancy flooring, pullup rigs or even weights, but I do have exposed beams and Rogue wood rings, so I’ve made do with what I have.

This next month while I’m slowly compiling equipment I’ll be creating workouts utilizing what little I do have.  I’ve purchased a few things as I’m working with a boys varsity team and I wanted a few things to torture them with, but it’s pretty minimalist.

I may even play with logs behind the building like strongman stones.  I may do shuttle runs in the grass next to the box.  I may do double kb swings with the light kb’s I have. It’ll be fun to challenge myself and see how create I can be without any fancy toys.

Today’s Wod: short Jason

100 squats, 5 muscle ups, 75 squats, 10 muscle ups, 50 squats 11:52