Where does it hurt?


Something we were discussing at last nights Lululemon design meeting was the pain that comes along with CrossFit.  The design meeting was comprised of 3 crossfitters, a dancer, a personal trainer, a figure skater, a yoga instructor and a runner.  The meeting was run by 4 lululemon reps, all which have experienced CrossFit.

Post meeting discussions revolved around the pain that’s involved in CrossFit, and what was the ‘newbies’ question;  when does the pain stop?  The answer, never.  The craziest thing is that you get used to being sore, and actually enjoy the painful feeling.  It’s a strange sickness, I’m completely aware of that.

The funniest pain was the bathroom pain.  Yes, trying to get to the toilet after a good wod.  You’ve gotta brace yourself, lower a quarter of the way down, and commit to the plop. ha! I made a joke about it, and their jaws dropped, they thought they were alone in their suffering.  Not true…every crossfitter has suffered with bathroom pain.

Today’s WOD: Cinderblock Fran – I don’t have much equipment so I’ll be thrustering a cinderblock I found out back and doing pullups on the rings.  Should be interesting.