Cinderblock Fran

So in my true spirit of using what I’ve got I decided to do a Cinderblock Fran.  It was fun to play around with what I could find, but it didn’t run as smoothly as I had thought it would.  See the video here;

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Where did it go wrong?
1st) I dropped the cinderblock on my leg drawing blood
2nd) the block broke into 5 pieces
3rd) I managed to do 23 pullups instead of the 15 because I was so flustered from numbers 1 & 2
4th) I had to run to the back of the lot to get another cinderblock

Who knows what I’ll come up with next. I’m thinking running with the spare 2×4’s I found in the back yard. Who knows….but I’m sure I’ll have a blast doing it.

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