The most difficult part of opening a box is figuring out where you’re going to invest your money day 1. For me I’m trying to get the most bang for my buck, and in this case, that means road tripping to pick up my flooring.

For those of you that have never put in a floor, those 4×6 mats weigh 90lbs per mat. That’s right, per mat! Doesn’t sound bad if you’re moving one or two, but I need to move 60. That’s right, 60 90lbs mats comes out to 5,400lbs. I’m not sure the last time you shipped something, but shipping 5,400 lbs would cost a small fortune. Hence the road trip.

First thing Friday morning I’ll be picking up a cargo van and driving the 120mile one way trip to pick up my floor. Cost of van plus milage = $100.00. We’ll worth the savings! Besides, it’ll be a fun adventure and it’ll force me to slow down and relax for a few hours. Is it bad that a two hour road trip is my relaxing time? ha!

Today’s WOD: 90 ft drag (1/2 body weight/70lbs), 25 squats, 5 11ft ladder climbs for 5 rounds.
7:40 – video to follow