The Seven…aka worst wod EVER!

So today I got together with Lisa Shiu for what I knew was going to be a rough wod; The Seven.

7 hspu, 7 thrusters (95lbs), 7 ktes, 7 deadlifts (175lbs), 7 burpees, 7 kb swings (45lbs), 7 pullups, 7 rounds

The first round was fun, the second round a little less fun and I was ready to throw in the towel by the end of round 3.  I actually contemplated taking a dnf after the third round, but I didn’t want to be called a sissy the rest of my life. ha!

What was such a challenge about this wod?  For me, the hand stand pushups.  I haven’t been able to master the kip, so it’s strict up and down for me, and I know my upper body isn’t nearly as ‘bullet proof’ as my lower body.  I literally was doing one hspu at a time.  I didn’t want to get into a cycle of failed reps.  I know that when I start failing reps the wheels come off the bus.  So it was worth sacrificing the time and making sure every rep I attempted was strong and more importantly it counted.

It may have taken me 41:25 to finish, but guess what…..I FINISHED!  It can get hard to look online and see women crushing it in 22 or 24 min and not beat yourself up.  But I have to focus on me and what I did.  I finished a wod that had 49 hspus in it and I finished every single rep.  For me that’s a victory.

It’s not always about finishing the fastest, sometimes its about finishing.

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