The hardest part of CrossFit

Walking through the door….As I’ve been working on Coca I’ve had several guests swing through with plenty of questions about CrossFit and starting.  The biggest concern seems to be ‘I haven’t done anything in years and I’ve watched the videos and I can’t do what they do.’

That’s when I quickly let them know that no one (ok mostly no one) can do what you see in the videos.  That’s the elite of the elite and most members are ‘normal’ everyday people looking to get back in shape.  And many breath a sigh of relief when I tell them that the hardest part of CrossFitting is getting through the door on the first day.

In all honestly I really believe that.  There are 1,000 anxieties that creep in when you’re doing something new, and CF is no exception.  You think you’ll be the slow kid, you’ll be laughed at and judged.  But guess what, when you walk through that door for the first time your trainer is there with a warm welcome and a smile on my face to make you feel as comfortable as humanly possible.  (of course, we all know I’m making you comfortable only to make you uncomfortable in the wod)

A CF philosophy: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

That starts when you commit to walk through the doors of a CF gym for the first time.  It’s uncomfortable, but we were all uncomfortable that first time.

Today’s WOD: REST

2 thoughts on “The hardest part of CrossFit

  1. I printed this out so that I can better explain to family & friends the biggest obstacle at CrossFit is getting through the door. Once in, the addiction sets in of working day by day with some pretty incredible people you meet in the CrossFit community each helping one another to get through the WODs, getting stronger and watching each other transform is worth the first initial fear.

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