How full is your ATM?

And I’m not talking about your bank account.  One of the easiest to understand philosophies about taking ‘me time’ is the atm philosophy.  I learned it at one of the 1,000 leadership conferences I’ve been to.

The ATM philosophy;

Think of yourself as an ATM and your energy level as a bank account. If you’re always taking money out you’ll eventually overdraft.  So how do you refill your ATM?  Meditate for 5-10min, have a glass of wine, read a good book, anything you love doing but never seem to find time for.

It’s ok to put yourself first sometimes.  That doesn’t mean your ‘selfish’.  You’re just taking the time needed to give you the energy to help and give back to others.  If you don’t you will crash and burn at some point.  I deposit by woding

Today’s WOD: Barbell Complex w/ 95lbs – Deadlift, squat clean, front squat, push jerk – Rounds for 12 min.  16 full rounds + 1 deadlift

I highly underestimated the squat clean to front squat.

One thought on “How full is your ATM?

  1. Interesting post. In triathlon we have always talked about the deposits we make with each workout into the bank of Ironman which are withdrawn on race day.

    But I like your take on it as well.

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