Virtual competition

While you can’t connect a crossfit gym to the internet, step on a pad, log your wod and see where you fit among others, you can have friendly competition virtually. Today I did this with Charlie and Lisa. I had originally intended on meeting up with them to wod at 11am and do a fun little chipper, but with trying to open my gym for a free class tomorrow I’m running low on time.

It would take me 45 min out, wod, and 45 min back. Sooooo….I did the next best thing and did the wod at Coca. It’s a funny thing that happens when you know someone else is doing the same wod as you. You push a little harder. Try it…its fun. I know I’ve done it in the past with facebook friends in other states, even internationally. Sometimes its just a fun change of pace.

Today’s WOD: 400m run, 10 squat clean thrusters (95lb), 20 ring pullups, 30 burpees, 40 kbswings (44lb), 400m run, 40 kbswings, 30 burpees, 20 ring pullups, 10 squat clean thrusters, 400m run 22:37

This was a good chipper, but the funniest thing happened when I got back to the second set of squat clean thrusters…they felt light as hell. How did that happen? I think I was just so tired that I wasn’t thinking about what I had to do, instead, I just did it.