And then there was Ty

So through out my competition career I have had the chance to travel through out the US, meet hundreds of awesome athletes and their coaches.  I’ve been exposed to a wide variety of training philosophies, but I was NOT prepared for what I was getting myself into today.

Over the last several months I have built a relationship with Ty at the Gorilla Pit in Mentor, OH.  Ty read my blog I wrote a few weeks ago about taking on the hero wod ‘The Seven’ and that it was the worst wod ever.  He dropped the challenge…let me train you and I’ll give you the worst workout ever, and boy oh boy did he deliver.  So what did he have me do?  It might be easier to say what didn’t he have me do.

We started with 2 minutes of jump rope….not too bad.  Things quickly went south when I had to do 110lb sled sprints/sled pulls.  Each one was worse than the one before it.  I was ready to vomit, and that was just the warmup.  That was the point I began to think ‘what the hell did I get myself into!?!?!?”

Then the real fun began.  The monster cycle;

350lb tire flip
150lb prowler push
5 – 95lb back squats
5 – 85lb power cleans
5 – 26″ box jumps
5 – 50lb kb swings
Rinse and repeat until you flip the tire the entire distance of the gym.  I stopped counting rounds after 10 because it was just depressing.

90 seconds rest then….

Flip the tire the distance of the gym
50 – 26″ box jumps
50 – burpees jumping to a 7ft. bar
50 – kb swings at 50lb
50 – sit throughs (lay on your back, put your feet on the bench, sit up and touch the bench) These are hands down the worst situps i have ever done.  I almost started crying from pain, seriously.

Now after that, one might think ‘I’m done’…NOT AT ALL!  Why not tackle 4 more 110lb sled sprint/pulls?

After the final sprint/pull  I curled up in a ball on the cold floor, not from pain, but from pure exhaustion.  It was at that point that I knew Ty could take me to the next level.  I guess I should call him Coach Ty now or Sir or captain my captain.  That’s right.  Ty is my new coach and together we’re going to create a beast of an athlete and tackle the 2011 CrossFit Games with pure domination!

4 thoughts on “And then there was Ty

  1. Kate,

    I’m reading your blog daily (well, if you post a new thing) and I am really happy for you to find someone to push you even harder.
    I hope all works out and you will develop more and more work capacity over time.

    Combining Coca and your own training must be a challenge, but with that work attitude, you will reach your goal!

    Go hard!

  2. my crew is doing this tomorrow.. I like the blog..always have and wish you well with the new coach… I am going to be doing some of these wods that you do
    it’s great that you post them..please keep posting them

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