I’m going to regret that

I am quickly learning to think about what I say before I say it with Ty.  Let me explain…

Today was the intro to Gorilla Pit part duet and I knew that the name of the workout was ‘Hell on Earth’  Now you don’t have to anything about Crossfit to understand that that does NOT sound good. I think the crazier part is that I still showed up to do it.

‘Hell on Earth’
Kicked off with Ty’s sick joke of a warmup that involved a tire and lots of jumping. (I don’t want to give away all his trade secrets) If you really want to know what it is I’m sure he’d be happy to show you.

1 tire flip (350lbs tire)
5 box jumps (24′ w/ 10lbs in each hand)
75′ farmer walk (90lbs each hand)
Rinse and repeat til you flip the tire the entire distance of the gym and back.
And just for fun I had to do Ty’s crushing warmup again at the end.

It was at this point that my legs were jello, my mental state was exhausted and I just wanted a rest. That’s when Ty dropped the ‘The CrossFit Games aren’t going to care that you’re tired.” It was just what I needed at the exact moment I needed it. I fought back tears and the extreme desire to quit and pushed through it.

At the end of all of that I was a hot sweaty mess on the floor…..literally. That’s when I had a very regrettable conversation.

Ty: was the name appropriate?
Me: ‘hell on earth’? No,
Ty: what?
Me: don’t get me wrong, it sucked, but I wouldn’t call it hell on earth
Ty: really? (with a look of pure shock)
Me: to me hell on earth leaves me crying, puking not finishing a wod
Ty: ok (with a devilishly evil look)

That’s when the other shoe dropped…..enjoy your rest, you have two minutes. WHAT!?!?! You mean after all that we’re not done!?!?!

That’s when we got to top it all off with 5 25′ rope climbs. To say that it was a hotmess would be putting it lightly. I’m pretty sure at some point I kicked Ty in the face. (add those to the list of ‘needs work’)