Sit down, I’m about to tell you something big


I know, it comes as a big surprise, but you don’t.  No one does.  So where does this come from?  The revelation I’ve been making this week under Ty’s watchful eye.  Yes, I got to the 2010 CrossFit Games.  How did I do that?  By following a strict diet plan, workout plan and pushing forward everyday.

It worked for 2010, but I’ve got bigger goals for 2011.  So what do I do?  Hold strong to what I did for the last year, or listen to my new coach?  I’m putting my money on my coach.  He’s got 0ver 20 years of training/coaching and some pretty damn good results form his client.  Over this week he’s asked me about everything in my life….well pretty much EVERYTHING!

What has been my response to everything he’s asked me?  This is what I’ve normally done, but I’m open.  And I am!  I don’t claim to know it all.  Yes I’ve had success, but imagine how much better I’ll be as an athlete and a coach if I’m open to new things.

So this is where you might want to sit down….today’s discussion was on nutrition.  His response was that it looked like a body builders diet.  And he’s pretty much right.  I eat a paleo zone, well actually I used to eat a paleo zone.  I’ve opened up to his suggestions.  why?  His fear was that with the level were working at my body would break down.

What have I added?

Eggs whites- and more than 6 a week, I know….so against paleo teachings
Bacon- yes it may have fat, but oh well
Milk-chocolate at that! – yup its processed and it has sugars..eeeekkkk
Whole oats – grains….NOOOOOO not grains, but yup grains it is

Worst case scenario, it gain weight and lose my ‘edge’  Best case scenario…I become a beast that can crush any wod thrown at me and I recover like no other.

Today’s WOD: ‘survivor’ which involved….
tire flips, 75ft prowler push, box jumps, back squats, toes to bar, push press, snatches, deadlifts – the rep scheme for each exercise was different for 5 total rounds.

Just know this….the two other athletes he put through this wod spent some time praying to the porcelain gods.

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  1. I can’t wait to see your results after switching. I will never go Paleo completely. Eggs and grains? Yes please.

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