The squeaky wheel gets the grease

I’ve been working with Joel Woods, a MAT specialist, since January of 2009. You may be asking what is MAT? The easiest way to explain it, he fixes the neurological system to make sure your joints are moving the way they should be so that you can move efficiently.

These past two weeks we’ve been working on my right ankle alignment. How do we know what to work on? Usually where I feel pain or tightness, or a coach can visually see a breakdown in the movement. What is the ‘breakdown’ we’ve been seeing? When I squat my hips tend to track left on the decent. Our original thought, its my right ankle causing the issue because it feels tight.

After today’s session what have we found out? 1. My left ankle was actually tighter than my right. 2. it might not be my right ankle causing the issue after all. We worked on the feet today, got some great movement back, and yet my hips are still tracking left. What does that mean? It could be the knee, hip or spine causing the tracking issue. But the ankle was tight (aka it was the squeaky wheel) so it got the attention even though it may not be the issue.

Today’s WOD: 7 kb swings (36lb), 50 yard sprint, 7 jumps over a bench, 50 yard sprint: 6 rounds.
Doing this today at 3 with Patrick Flannery so I don’t have a time yet.