On Cloud 9

Today I’m not sure anyone can get me off of cloud 9, and I think I deserve it. why?  I hit a 20lb PR on my snatch.

As usual, when I got to the Gorilla Pit I had no idea what I was getting into.  I ask the new starter question….what shoes.  Lifting was the answer, snatch was the lift.  My stomach immediately dropped.  The snatch is my weakest, or was, and scariest lift.  But I warmed up with the 45 and asked what next.

Ty responded by added 10’s to each side and asking me to do 5.  No problem.  He then added 10 more lbs and asked me to do another 5, sure thing.  10 more lbs, putting it at 85 if you’ve lost track, at 3 reps.  Got it done, and the same at 95lbs.

Here’s where things start getting interesting….105lbs for 2 reps.  I manage to get them both, but I would say I was less that feeling good about them.  That’s when he did the unthinkable and added 10 more lbs for a total of 115lbs.

My heart and brain start racing, doubts are creeping in and of course there’s always fear lingering around too. I step up to it and pull…FAIL…huge fail. I didn’t even try. i pulled it to my waist, started laughing (cause it was a laughable effort) and dropped the weight. Ty shot me a look of utter confusion….I admited that I didn’t even try on that one.

He tells me to get my mind right, and get it done. I pull and immediately drop it again. why? because I’m afraid, yes, even ‘killer’ can get scared.

Ty explains that I need to pull it, and if I miss it, just get the hell out of the way. I reset breath and pull. I get it high, I start to drop, but bail. I’m thinking great…another fail. Ty congratulates me for getting farther than I did the lift before. While I hadn’t landed it, I had gotten closer than the two previous attempts. He then explains that he’s going to keep me there all day til I get it.

I take a few breaths, pull, turn over, drop down….fail. The weight was forward and I couldn’t pull it back. I have 2 or 3 more attempts failed with the weight coming forward. i want to cry at this point because I’m losing faith, but Ty wont let me back down. He explains that I have it, I just need to let the weight set back farther. I set, pull, drop, catch….and fail. The weight was too far back, I roll my shoulders out and run forward.

Again, I’m thinking big fail, but at least I know I can get it back, but that was too far back. At this point Ty and I are both on an emotional roller coaster. I walk around for a few minutes trying to brush it off. I set, pull, drop…fail. I’m back forward. At this point I know that I’m so close I can taste it, and I want it.

Set…Pull…Drop….Catch….wabble a little to the left and stand! i had done it. I had snatch 115lbs! 20lb PR! I dropped the weight, I’m pretty sure I squiled and I jumped around. It took me a good couple of minutes to compose myself, fighting back tears the entire time. I had done it. I wanted to quit, and with the support of my coach, he wouldn’t let me. He talked me through it, and the feeling was soooo overwhelming and gratifying.

I was quickly brought back to reality with yet another brutal workout, but I didn’t even care, I had snatch 115lbs!

4 thoughts on “On Cloud 9

  1. Way to go girl!! That ‘killer’ instinct and a great coach got you what you needed. Jealous that we all can’t have Ty’s help 🙂

  2. Good work today with the snatch PR….

    Keep training hard and smart and we at Gorilla Pit will be cheering for you. You are one of us, no matter if you own an affiliate or not, you are one of us.

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