It’s takes a village

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ ¬†Well, it also takes a village to create a games competitor. ¬†Trust me, I’m one of those I can do it on my own kind of people, but after 2 years of competing I’ve quickly learned that help is a-ok.

Who’s in my ‘village’?

Ty Phillips – The chief (aka my coach at the Gorilla Pit)
Ty is the chief of the village. He creates hellish workouts pushing me to my max on a pretty much daily basis. He tracks my nutrition and recovery.

Joel Woods – The medicine man (aka my MAT specialist)
Joels has been working with me weekly for close to a year now. He focuses on making sure my neurological system is firing properly allowing my body to move efficiently and effectively.

Amy Houdeshell – The medicine woman (aka my new massage therapist)
I’ll work with Amy bi-weekly for a full rub down. Much like cars need an oil change, I need to make sure I do everything in my power to recover and prepare for the next wod.

Mom & Dad – The elders (although I’m not sure they’ll like that name)
I have world’s most supportive parents. While they may think I”m nuts at time, cause lets face it I am, they’re always there to root me on or pick up the pieces when they fall apart.

Anjua & Libby – The council (aka the lululemon team)
These two fine ladies have done a great job of slowing me down and making sure my ducks are in a row. I look forward to doing both life and business coaching with them.

The entire CF community – The warriors (aka my daily reminder to keep crushing it)
Be it Facebook, my blog, email or phone I’m always talking with my peers about their goals, my goals, staying motivated, what did you eat etc. It’s great on those days you feel like a total freak and no one understands you that you’re not alone.