You want what???

So I had to giggle this morning as I ordered 4 egg whites, 8 strips of bacon and some oatmeal at the Panera this morning.

It literally took 3 employees to figure out how to ring it up.  There’s no button for that is all they kept saying.  They were going to have charge me for 4 or 5 sandwiches.  Luckily the manager pushed enough buttons to figure it out, but it was funny non the less.

It never occurred to them that someone didn’t want the bread, isnt that what Panera does?

So where am i going with this?  You can’t blame the ‘but i was out to eat’ as an excuse to fall off the diet wagon.  Just because a restaurant doesnt have a meal that’s friendly for you, I’m sure they have the ingredients.  So order off the menu…yes, that’s right.  Be ‘that guy’ and order a special meal.  I’m yet to be at a restaurant that won’t accommodate me.

The first time you do this you’ll feel like an ass but trust me, once you do it a couple of times it’ll be second nature.