My Advocare Experiment

So I began taking Advocare products in January 2010 as I began training hard for the CrossFit games.  What did I take?  Pretty much everything.

Night Time Recovery
Herbal Cleanse

An 7 months later I was competing at the 2010 CrossFit Games. I began thinking about my supplement routine the Monday after the games, and decided to experiment. I decided to cut them out completely, and guess what happened….NOTHING! I didn’t lose energy, I didn’t lose weight and my wods weren’t effected.

And in the three months since dropping supplements I have relied on food and vitamins to get what I need. And only 3 weeks into training with Ty at the Gorilla Pit I have added 20lbs to my snatch, 20lbs to my deadlift, and I pulled a 300lb sumo deadlift today. I’m working hard than ever before, and making big gains without an ounce of supplementation.

I do still enjoy a spark or rehydrate sometimes, but that’s all I take, and it’s not a daily basis.

So I got what I thought I needed from Advocare at the time, but I’ve since decided that I don’t need Advocare to get my best performance. Not saying I would never use their products, just not right now. We all live, we learn and use/do what we need to at the time. You have to decide for yourself what you want/need to do.

4 thoughts on “My Advocare Experiment

  1. Thanks for this, Kate. I’ve flirted with the idea of supplements mainly because so many top CrossFitters seem to take stuff from Advocare or Progenex. But, I haven’t tried anything yet, and it always seems silly to me considering that I eat very, very well.

  2. I’m glad you posted this!! You are a HUGE force in the CF community and I’m sure many folks followed your lead. It’s like you said, it served a purpose, and now it doesn’t, end of story. Keep rockin it!!

  3. Hey Kate,
    Thanks for this info. I always thought that a big experiment should be done, doing exactly what you did. Do you think that you didn’t have any negative effects once you were off the supplements because you already eat a healthy diet? Another way to say it is…If you ate MdDonald’s everyday and took the supplements, do you think you would’ve felt them more?

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