I LOVE coaching for one simple reason. You get to see someone grow right in front of your eyes. Take for example ‘jane doe’ we’ll call her at Coca. She’s never worked out a day in her life, and wasn’t really sure she wanted to, but thought she’d give it a try.

Day 1: We learn 4 basic movements, ran a quick wod, and the looks she shot my way afterwards were pure death. I thought she was going to come back with a knife…that’s a half joke.

Day 14: We finish up the GPP (the 6 session series I require all members to complete) and what did she say ‘I liked that workout’

BE STILL MY HEART! I literally skipped around the gym and was happier than a kid on X-mas morning. I had seen a woman who hated me and CrossFit into a woman that liked a workout.

Today she came in a crushed a workout that had 35 cleans in it on top of running and pushups. She actually initiated the high five and was pretty damned proud of herself.

That’s only one of the many life stories I could tell, and that’s why I LOVE COACHING!