The Mental Game

Today I went head to head with my mental game, and lets just say it didn’t end well.

This is a constant battle for any CrossFitter. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘pain is weakness leaving the body’ or ‘pain is temporary, pride is forever’. Well I say BS to both of them. In the heat of the moment, your heart is racing, your legs are shaking and your forearms are fried. The LAST thing you’re thinking about is ‘weakness leaving the body’. You’re usually too busy trying not to die!

I’ll share what happened to me today. I headed down to All Heart Fitness to wod with Lisa and Jason. They’re always juicy wods, so I do in knowing it’ll be rough.

Today’s wod: Grace (at 105lbs) & Helen
10 clean & jerks
400m run
21 kb swings (36lbs)
12 pullups
3 rounds

3…2..1…GO! I felt awesome the first round and quickly headed into the second round. The first clean and jerk took me by surprise. It was much heavier than the first round and I failed the first rep. I recollect and head into the 10 reps, and I’m back on the run. Feeling good the first 200 and that’s when it happened. I ran into the brick wall!

My poor little legs were gassed! They were tired and didn’t want anymore. I broke down and let the little monster in my head take over. I began thinking about how tired I was. How sore my muscles were. How tight my back was. etc….. and the obvious happened. My performance quickly plummeted. I allowed myself to focus on the negative and everything I wanted to be better. In all reality I should have focused on my breathing, staying focused and tackling each step at a time, each rep at a time.

I had soooooo much more to give than I did, but I let the negative little monster take control. I felt like crap for about 10 minutes afterwards because I knew that I lost control. Lesson learned…..stay focused on each moment. It doesn’t matter what you have to do next if you don’t finish what you’re currently doing.

The battle with your brain is constant and will never go away. Embrace it, and remember that everyday you fight back you’re improving.

2 thoughts on “The Mental Game

  1. the only way to your highest potential is through the moment. focusing on what lies a head only distracts us from giving full attention to what is in front of us. The crossfit mental game is a metaphor for the rest of life. Its the reason why i consider it not just my fitness routine but my spiritual practice 🙂

  2. How do you think we handle an Ironman race? Live in the moment. Only care about what is immediately in front of you. If a round goes bad forget about it. It’s in the past and you can’t do anything about it anyways. Always forge forward.

    Push the mind, and the body will follow.

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