Bouncing Back

Just yesterday I was pouting about my mental game breaking down on me, and today I’ve bounced back!

I had a great conversation this morning with Eric, one of Coca’s members, about bouncing back and focusing on what you’re doing at the exact moment you’re doing it.  I felt re-inspired going into today’s training session at The Pit where I was quickly brought back down.

Ty had me start with a shrug complex that brought out quite a few weaknesses using only 75lbs.  Talk about feeling weak.  I know I can move big amounts of weight, how could 75lbs be sooooo heavy?  Ty quickly reminded me that that’s why I’m there, to make my weaknesses stronger.  After frying my shoulders we then charged into Push Jerks.

Not exactly prime time to shoot for a PR right?  Usually you want to be fresh, and my shoulders were already fried.  So I tried to focus on the moment and took each lift as it crossed my path.

I started at 125 x5
135 x3 with an over head hold on the third
145×2 with an over head hold on the second

After I hit the 165lbs I was stoked! I wasn’t aware of what weight was on the bar, and that was a 40lb PR since I maxed my Push Jerk. I was feeling pretty damn good. Ty gave me an smirk and asked if I wanted to go for 170? I was reluctant to say the least. It took 3 attempts to get the 165lb, and now I was going to do more? My first reaction was to walk away with my PR and go for it next time. He just stared at me, and after a good 10 seconds I decided I would take two attempts at it. ‘Atta girl’ was all he could say.

The first one felt heavy and as I dipped I drove up and dropped down. I saw the bar pass my eyes on the way up, but I wasn’t committed and I failed. I fell to the floor laughing….I was so close….I KNEW I had it! I walked around for a minute, shook out my shoulders and it was go time. Deep breath, I dipped, drove up, dropped down and HOLY CRAP! I landed it, and stood tall. 170lb = 45lb PR! BOOYA BITCHES!

oh…and then we started the workout. There’s no time to celebrate, only time to work. ha!