How much pain is too much pain?

I headed into today’s workout feeling pretty damn good.  We hit the back squat and I hit a PR squating 235lbs, not bad for a 130lb midget.  Of course the new goal is 260 aka two times my body weight.

And pre usual, that wasn’t the workout, just the warmup.  I headed into the workout and slowly rep after rep exercise after exercise my back got tighter and tighter.  By the third round I was being brought my knees in pain.  I knew it wasn’t a structural pain, it was a cramping.  A cramping that was so tight it was actually numb.  That’s when the tears began to form.

I choked them back and headed into the fourth round of my workout.  With each tire flip the pain worsened, every burpee felt like I wasn’t going to make it back up, and the back squats….HOLY CRAP the back squats!  The fifth round was completed with a tear sneaking out time and again and by the final exercise they were streaming down my face, snot and all.

Twice during my workout my coach wanted to give me the hook, but I waived him off.  My mindset, I knew it wasn’t a pain that was doing structural damage.  It doesn’t make it hurt any less knowing you’re not breaking bones.

That’s the question I struggle with.  How much pain is too much pain?  That’s the constant struggle for crossfitters.  We want to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, but how much is too much?  Post wod I would have said it was too much considering I was on the floor for a good 10min trying to get my muscles to loosen up.  Now, a few hours later I would say it was fine.  My hips are tight, but I pushed through a new level of pain.

The unfortunate part of training is that you’re training to be the best in the world.  Knowing that in a competition setting you’d just have to deal with it, I feel driven to drive through the pain and see how I come out on the other side.  The next time I deal with this level of tightness I may get a few more reps or exercises in before I hit my threshold of pain.

My question to you is; How much pain is too much pain?