Rogue: More than just an equipment company

Over the last two years  I have traveled all over the country competing in CrossFit and a consistent staple in all of these is Rogue.  Two years ago they were an up and coming company run by experieneced CrossFitters.  Two years ago I was a doe eyed competitor having no idea what I was getting myself into.  And two years ago Bill and Caity were there with encouraging words.

Here it’s two years later and Rogue is the premier company for CrossFit equipment, they sponsor competitions and athletes.  I am one of those athletes and it couldn’t be more exciting.  I’ve had a chance to grow as an athlete and a person and most recently as a business owner.

As I sit at Coca this morning looking around at what I was creating I realized that Rogue has been more than an equipment company.  Yes, they’ve watched me over the last two years grow into an elite CrossFitter, and they’ve been supportive the entire route. They’ve helped me outfit Coca with everything from bumpers to kettlebells to medballs and my newest addition the 24′ rig. They’ve also been supportive of me as an athlete, picking me up as an Rogue athlete heading into the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Rogue is sooooo much more than just an equipment company.  They are invested in the sport and it’s athletes, and are genuinely interested in helping both succeed.