I’m just going to come behind you and…

You’re gonna WHAT?

Ok….let me explain.  For those that haven’t picked up on it yet, I train at The Gorilla Pit aka a Stongman/Powerlifting/Strength Conditioning gym.  So I’m taken out of my comfort zone on a pretty much daily basis, learning new lifts, new drills and today….new spotting.

As most of my workouts I kick the sessions of with some type of heavy lift, today that lift was the back squat.  I usually don’t ask what weights on the bar, I just ask how many reps and I get it done.  Today as we creeped into the 1 rep range a strange thing happened.  My spine acutally rounded out at the top.  That’s right, I let the weight collapse my chest forward.

So for my next attempt up Ty added weight and the following words came out of his mouth ‘I’m just going to come behind you and..’

At that point I had pure shock and turned around with a ‘you’re gonna what?’ look on my face.

Today I learned how Powerlifters spot the back squat. They come up behind the lifter, and basically squat with you.

Should you get stuck they literally grab you rib cage/chest and pull you up.  If you ask me, it’s a ‘legitimate’ way of copping a feel’  (TOTALLY kidding).  So down we went, and HOLY CRAP….it felt heavy at the bottom.  He gave me a quick tap to let me know he was there, and up I drove.  I did all the work, but he gave me the reassurance I needed to finish the lift.  245lbs!  yet another PR!  BOOYAH BITCHES!

2 thoughts on “I’m just going to come behind you and…

  1. Oh Kate, this happened to me back in the summer. My coach spotted me from behind and whamm0….new back squat PR. Love it!!! Keep up your amazing work.

  2. I always feel super awkward spotting a back squat but let at the very least…when spotting a female, I just think ” I have boobs too. No biggie”. LOL

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