My new experiment: AtLargeNutrition

I have recently teamed up with AtLargeNutrition as I seek the title of ‘Fittest on Earth’ in 2011.  Who is AtLargeNutrition?

AtLargeNutrition is that company, and we make you a promise, we will only offer the highest quality, scientifically proven (with true, unbiased studies) products. You won’t see ads from us which tell you our products are superior to drugs, or some odd thousand percent superior to the next company’s product. Instead, we will tell you that our products are comprised of the finest ingredients, and how you can use them to optimize your body! We won’t sell hype, we will sell real, effective, proven products.

In addition, our website will contain information of how to eat and train for maximum health and longetivity. We will also have information for nearly the entire stratum of weight trainers, from bodybuilders to powerlifters and everyone in between.

Our goal is to become the number one supplement company on the planet. We plan to do this the old fashioned way, we plan to earn it!

So you maybe asking yourself….but you just stopped taking Advocare in August?  That’s true.  I did stop taking Advocare, and I didn’t see any change in my results, recovery or efforts.  I teamed up with The Gorilla Pit in October, and my coach turned me onto AtLargeNutrition.  Now this is the same coach that has added 40lbs to my deadlift, 30lbs to my snatch and 30lbs to my back squat.  He suggested I take a serious look at using their products, and that’s just what I’m doing.

I’ll be using their products in the coming months to see how they can assist me in my training efforts.  The only way to really know if they’ll work is to use them.  I’ve always said the only way to know if something works is to try it for yourself and see.

One thought on “My new experiment: AtLargeNutrition

  1. Good for you Killer Kate. I’m an AdvoCare convert myself. I’ve taken At Large’s Nitrean, ETS, and I’ve got Creatine 500 on the way. So far, I haven’t been disappointed. Good luck with your training efforts. With Ty & At Large at your back, I’m sure you’ll do great.

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