No knee…no problem

I recently have been fighting annoying knee pain that I thought was something major and have since confirmed that it’s just my patella tendinitis acting up once again.  Sometime’s it’s called jumpers knee.  AKA….no surgery….just baby the knee for a few days and I should be back at it.

While as an athlete I NEVER want to hear I can’t do something or I need to slow down, I’m looking at his a blessing in disguise.  Why?  On my orhto’s recommendation I am to avoid heavy squatting and deadlifts for 7-10 days.  Note I didn’t say 7-10 days rest, just avoiding certain movements.

So take out lower body beatings and there is still plenty I can do.  That leaves core and upper body as fair game.  I have a pretty solid core, but my upper body is my weakest area.  Having a solid histroy in soccer my lower body is pretty well develeoped.  It’s my poor little shoulders, lats, delts etc that need a little more focus, and this small annoying set back will force me to work those weaknesses.

So while an ‘injury’ isn’t favorable, sometimes it’s for the best.  I’ll come back stronger, a whole hell of a lot more sore,

but stronger and more confident in my upper body with a week and half of focus on that area.