My personal K-star

I’m personally a HUGE fan of Kelly Starrett and his mobility wods, but I don’t know him or have him around to fix me, so I’ve found my own K-star; Joel Woods.  Ok, so you probably have no clue who the hell he so I’ll fill you in.

I’ve been working with Joel for a year now, and even I was a skeptic at first.  Above and beyond mobility, Joel is a MAT specialist (muscle activation technique).  What the hell does that mean?  That means that over time the abuse we put on our bodies bruises and breaks our neurological system.  In turn our brain and our muscles lose their connectivity and our body doesn’t move as efficiently as it could.

Over time our body will pay the price with inefficient movements and improper form.  Often people think it’s a flexibility issue or tight muscles when in reality you’ve broken the neurological connection.  Through a variety, and i mean hundreds of thousands variety, of test Joel can identify the broken connection, fix it, and return your body to proper range of motion.  He’s also very versed in mobility on top of his MAT magic.

After a year of working with Joel I’m 100% sold on his methods and his approach.  I swear by it and see him at least once if not twice a week.  So as much as we all  love K-star, he’s a busy man and he’s a west coaster.  We’ve got Joel in Cleveland, he’s a certified CF Coach and he knows his shit.   Look for a seminar at Coca in the coming months.