Cycling…and not the biking kind

One of the most interesting parts of owning your own box is getting to make the decisions.  The  most important decision that comes with that is how will you program?  I’ve been working in a heavy lift two times a week with the metcon focused wods. My members have responded well to it.  They truly enjoy the lifting and have requested more more more, so I’m listening to the masses, and I’m going to cycle two 7 week programs; strength and olympic lifting.

What took me from an average CrossFitter to the elite level was adding strength.  If you can move large loads you can certainly move your own body weight and lighter loads at high reps.  So my first 7 weeks will be based on the CFStrength Bias put out years ago by Darrell White and Jeff Martin.

The second piece that has helped me reach the level I am at is my experience with the Olympic lifts.  Why?  The teach you power, speed, strength, balance, body awareness and so much more.  So my second 7 week cycle will focus on the Olympic Lifts.

I feel really excited about this 14 week cycle, and hope that my members agree.  Of course I’ll learn along the way what works, what doesn’t, but I think it’s a pretty damn good starting point.  At least I’ve got a focus for the gym and my members; Strength and Olympic Lifting.  My two favorite things.

One thought on “Cycling…and not the biking kind

  1. At CrossFit Paducah we did two 6 week cycles of strength based on CF Strength Bias. Our members loved it, people made big improvements. Towards the end of the second cycle though I think everyone was ready to go back to standard programming!

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